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ZÓ story

ZÓ story

Who we are?

Zó Project is a social enterprise dedicated to the preservation and development of Do paper, Vietnam's unique traditional handmade paper.

First created in the XIII century, Do paper is produced in a labour-intensive process involving up to 100 steps. The paper is well-known for being extremely durable and resilient with a subtly textured surface.

Do paper, as well as the techniques used to make it, are of great cultural and historical significance, yet this craft is in danger of disappearing as cohesion with traditional culture becomes increasingly precarious in modern times.

Zó Project hopes to revive traditional Do practices with contemporary applications of this timeless craft. We aim to evoke interest and foster creativity with a variety of practical and artistic products made from Do paper, as well as reach out and inspire the younger creative generations with events and workshops.

Our mission?

- Preserve and develop the ancient technique of papermaking, together with the preservation of the Dó material.

- Improve the process of handmade paper making with environmental protection.

- Increase the value for Dó paper by creating new products with contemporary designs for our daily life.

Who do we work with?

- Zó work with the artisan from the paper village in Bac Ninh province to preserve the ancient paper-making technique in Viet Nam. In the meantime, Zó would like to cooperate with scientists to assist them with a cleaner production process without pollution.

- Zó works with designers and painters to create contemporary design and to create craft products from handmade paper. In that way, Zó could create value for Dó paper and create more jobs for society.

- Zó work also with the ecologist and local authorities to make sure that the traditional village would develop without destroying the natural plants in the forest.

Our product and services?

- Design and make products from handmade papers and other traditional materials.

- Conduct research for the preservation and development of craft village in a sustainable way.

- Collaborate with the local and international artists to organize events to get the involvement of the relevant stakeholders.

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