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May Sla Paper (Dia Tren Village)


Nung people in Dia Tren village have been making paper for many generations. The main raw material for making this paper is the Duong bark. In their own language, Duong tree is called May Sla. Therefore, they have named their paper as May Sla. The Nung are inherently good at natural dyeing, such as: dyeing fabric, or dyeing sticky rice. And they also apply that to color their May Sla paper. Until now, this paper has not been known to many people because the Nung people have only produced and consumed in their own community. They mostly used May Sla for writing, decorating houses, wrapping food, or making votive papers.


However, with the beauty of these colored papers, May Sla should be applied more in normal life. And Zó Project hopes that after we introduce it to public, artists and traditional paper lovers will invent contemporary uses for May Sla.

May Sla Paper - Traditional Paper by the Vietnamese ethnic people Nung An

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