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Tran Nguyen Dan is a famous Vietnamese painter. He composed many works and has many works displayed at major national museums such as Vietnam Fine Arts Museum and Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum, Da Nang Museum ... Typical wooden paintings of Tran Nguyen Dan such as "Artist of Hang Trong" are being displayed at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, "Hung Temple Festival", "Old Sinh Hue Village", "Studying and working", "Back to Tam Bac", "Thang Long - Dong Do - Hanoi", "Song Perfume Boat", "Van Quy "... Trong paintings by Tran Nguyen Dan have a touch of tradition, so they can be raised and made beautiful. , rustic, lyrical but extremely delicate. Tran Nguyen Dan focuses on exploiting wood carving materials. Half a century (1966-2016) he only spent time researching and composing wood.
Tran Nguyen Dan's solo exhibition on March 21-27, 2016 was organized by the Hanoi Museum of Ceramics at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum. The exhibition includes 100 selected paintings by artist Tran Nguyen Dan.s

Printed Painting - Tran Nguyen Dan Collection (2)

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