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Sac phong paper - a special type of paper in the types of Do paper.

Especially because it is made with meticulous care, it must be rolled (technically called Nghe) one by one, but cannot be made in batches like ordinary Do papers.
Because of that meticulousness, the surface of the paper is very sharp and matte, not soft and fluffy like ordinary Do paper.
In fact, 100% folk standard Sac Phong paper is being lost because the Lai family in Buoi village has no successor!
Currently, there is only one person in Phong Khe who can learn it again, but it is not the most standard technique. But anyway, it is still the most beautiful and durable paper today! It continues to be used to restore ancient royal decrees of King dynasties.
Zó Project is working to bring new life to the ordained paper with contemporary applications in addition to drawing and writing, especially it is very suitable for Western calligraphy with iron pen because it does not spill when writing. Or in the art of photography that a British artist is currently using this material.

Sac phong paper - 60x120cm

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