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This paper is made from Do bark which is famous for its durability. The paper surface is very smooth and soft like silk. There are 04 different thicknesses.

- 01 layer (40x60cm) thinnest paper which is almost transparent. 

- 02 layers (80x110cm)

- 03 layers (60x110cm) this thickness is perfect for calligraphy and origami. You can also print on this paper with digital or inkjet.

- 04 layers (30x40cm) this thickness is perfect for print with digital or inkjet. It’s perfect for photographers! Letterpress is also a perfect choice!


Please note that if you order less than 10 sheets of large format, they will be folded into A4 size for shipping. The resulting slight creases can easily be smoothed out again with a damp cloth. Shipping of large format sheets in a roll is only available for orders of 10 or more. The paper is perfectly used for multiple purposes such as: calligraphy, painting. Nice thing about this paper is that you can print with inkjet or any other digital printing process and handmade printing such as letter press for woodblock printing.


Our paper is handmade by our villagers in Bac Ninh province of Vietnam where they have a history of 700 years of making this paper. Only a few families left to produce this paper. So our mission is to preserve this beautiful paper for you to try on! Thanks for your support!


Our story feature on BBC:

DÓ PAPER - Vietnamese Traditional Paper

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